After Renovation Cleaning Service Melbourne

After Renovation Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Renovations, constructions and extensions leave your property in a mess. You are left in a heap of dust, dirt and debris that comprises practically everything you would never like to be with. And more importantly, they may contain hazardous materials, which may very well cause health or environmental hazards. You need to get rid of this mess as early as possible. For that, you need to hire professionals, as this is a specialists’ job. However, regular cleaners will not suffice. You need to hire dedicated professionals who are specialised in offering after renovation cleaning. If you are in Melbourne, Builder Cleaning is the best name for you to hire. With a considerable amount of experience and some of the best cleaning professionals, we are the number one renovation cleaning company in Melbourne.

Our Professional Approach Makes Us The Best After Builder Cleaner in Melbourne

When you hire us, we at first gauge the extent of cleaning that your property would need. For that, our after builder cleaning experts in Melbourne would visit your property.

This will let them get a first-hand account of the ground zero condition and take appropriate steps.

Our renovation cleaners in Melbourne would use the latest tools and techniques to get rid of all the debris. When it comes to removing hazardous materials, they would use the appropriate methods and stick to the Govt-approved set safety norms and regulations. This ensures the materials never pose any risk to health or the environment. Even when dumping those materials, we will stringently stick to the safety norms to ensure our service never contributes to the carbon footprint.

Our renovation cleaning professionals in Melbourne are periodically trained in the latest tools and evolving technology. This ensures that we are never found wanting in terms of quality and perfection.

We are always just a call away and are always on time, as we know the urgency of our service.

Thus, we offer on time and on budget renovation cleaning in Melbourne, so much so that we can turn your property livable and spick and span as quickly as possible.

If all these do not make us the number one after builder cleaning service in Melbourne, what else will?

What does our After builder cleaning In Melbourne include?
Our after builder cleaning in Melbourne includes:
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the kitchen, including the cupboards, benchtops, drawers, dishwasher and other appliances
  • Thorough cleaning of the floor, including sweeping, dusting and vacuuming multiple times
  • Cleaning windows, doors and their respective adjoining areas and frames
  • Walls and ceilings, which include spot cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of bathroom including cleaning the tiles & grouting, mirrors, toilet and the vanities, cupboards and every other surface, nook and cranny exposed to all the dust and dirt.
  • Besides, we also conduct comprehensive cleaning of the living rooms, the dining and the drawing areas.
  • Cleaning of carpets, rugs and mattresses, including steam cleaning and deep cleaning
Thus you see, at Builder Cleaning, we offer a one-stop after renovation cleaning in Melbourne that will make all the difference.
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